Introducing NURTURE | a Seasonal Collection

We are delighted to launch another exclusive collection of gift boxes in honour of Mother's Day.


This is a collection to celebrate the art of caring for one another, through a spirit of NURTURE. In essence we help each other grow by giving of our presence, creativity, and time to the ones we love. We start paying attention to the little ways.

Each piece takes you on a discovery experience. Imagine the way it has been crafted for you. An act of dedication on the part of each maker.
My hope in selecting these pieces is to curate a Gift collection grounded in natural simplicity and excellence. May these pieces surround you with a sense of nurture and care for your life moments.

With love, Jemima Aldridge

Dubbo. NSW

This year has been one of re-emerging. We are finding our place once again, in a world that has been changed by the past year's events. I'm writing to you knowing that we are going through the same experience together. We each want to hold on to the lessons we have learnt, and we fear falling back into a swirl of busy existence.

So our NURTURE collection is a considerate one. We've personally taken the time to gather and craft gifts of intention, so that you can spend more time focused on enjoying the moment.

The word Nurture means ‘ to care for and protect  ’ a character quality we all have come to value more than ever. During the pandemic, we were reminded of how to cherish our people, our loved ones, our vulnerable and lonely ones. Our most important work has been to find ways of caring and protecting one another while staying connected.

This year we will help each other grow by giving of our presence, our creativity, and our time to the ones we love. 

Slowly immerse yourself in the imagination of simple beauty, touches of nature, and timeless fashion.

New season  Australian made leather clutch

Floral design, natural elements in our seasonal shoot

New Leather clutches Australian made by Saddler & Co

Saddler & Co leather clutch, with Southern Wild Co candle and Peggy + Twig earrings Saddler & Co leather clutch and a cup of tea

Nutmeg leather tote

Leather clutch in new colour Barley

 The NURTURE curation is a labour of love, and a meaningful way of investing in Local Made and Australian Designers. We truly hope a hand wrapped gift box will provide a sense of nurture and care for your life moments.