Day #2

Twelve days of Christmas offers

With only weeks until the end of year and festive season, we are delighted to share with you our annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration. 

At 7am each morning, we will release a special offer with some best-selling products & limited releases | for 24 HOURS ONLY

Each daily Festive offer will be available online or in store, ending
promptly at 9am the following day.  Each offer is limited by nature.

A big thank you for supporting Australian craftsmanship this year. Each order will be carefully wrapped and shipped, just in time for Christmas Day. Enjoy!



Where fine Australian craftsmanship meets modern day life.

Makers of premium leather goods and saddlery. Inspired by our equestrian trade and timeless design, our Signature collections are expertly crafted by hand in regional NSW.


An Australian Legacy


Thank you for supporting Australian manufacturing and small business. We personally share our craft with you through each piece, made by hand in the Western Plains of NSW.

Founded in 2010 by Bede & Jemima Aldridge from a humble backyard workshop, the brand has expanded into a flagship store situated in Dubbo, NSW. The signature range of goods is translated within country settings and city life, across the plains and over the seas.

We hope to redefine the shopping experience for our customers. Enjoy a slower pace and purchase well. No need to hurry through a transaction. Rather enjoy a personal, tailored service while you rely upon our team skilfully making each collection.

Knowing good craftsmanship is for the long term, enjoy taking your time to find just the right piece. Visit our store in Dubbo NSW to discover many hands at work, unrolling leather and forming each piece into an item you can live with for years. 

Bede & Jemima Aldridge, with the Saddler & Co team.

Authentic Craftsmanship

Welcome into the Saddler & Co family by experiencing a special leather piece made for your lifestyle.

Saddler & Co have created a timeless leather brand that blends modern lifestyle with age-old craftsmanship.

Leading a team of local artisans, Saddler & Co is crafting an Australian legacy. Each piece is made by hand in limited production runs to ensure the end result will serve you through the years. Choose from a range of signature leather tote bags, journals, wallets, and everyday goods.

The beauty of Australian craftsmanship is passed on from our hands to yours. Treasure your piece, and use it well.


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