Experience the craftsmanship of a saddler combined with timeless designs for modern day use.


Saddler & Co is a small family business, and we currently work from our Dubbo workshop situated in the central west of NSW. Bede Aldridge has been working in the saddle making business for over 12 years and opened his own workshop in 2010 where he manufactures his original custom saddles and leather goods.

The Saddler & Co brand developed from our dream of keeping the old trade of saddlery alive and a belief that hand crafted, personal service will never go out of fashion. Our saddles are designed to provide not only a satisfying ride but also become a treasured piece of the rider’s history. We take inspiration from the art of saddle making so that our leather products gain their signature style from the traditional methods used in their craftsmanship.  

In the creative process of designing our patterns, we seek to ensure products that bear the Saddler & Co brand are functional for modern day use while maintaining timeless appeal. We do not outsource our own brand of leather goods, and Saddler & Co products are made in our workshop by hand, in small quantities. We love to work with other Australian artisans and choose to actively support our local business community.



We source the finest leather for each product from our suppliers in Australia, Italy, England, and the United States. Bede spends time in regular testing and experimentation in order to choose the most suitable and beautiful leather for each product.

 Time honoured techniques, combined with innovation and new technologies, ensure distinctive products with strength and classic style. Our saddles and leather goods are as durable as they are pleasing to the eye, and guaranteed against faulty workmanship or materials.

Combining his years of experience as a rider and working at the saddler's bench, Bede spends up to a week in the process of hand crafting a custom, luxurious saddle for the discerning rider. Time and attention is given to suit individual needs, ensuring the result is a satisfying ride and a saddle that can be used and treasured for years to come. 



We love the opportunity to make old things new. You are welcome to ask us the question, "Is this worth fixing?" Restoring and repairing your leather gear can be one way to improve its performance. It can also enhance the original character and value of an item. Whether it is a new whip fall, a set of girth points, rebuilding a saddle, or restoring a treasured briefcase, each job is attended to in person and given the care needed to meet your request.  We believe the end result will leave you surprised and satisfied.