SOLACE: Curated gifts for your stay at Home.

This has been a strange season of ups and downs, feelings of quietness contrasts with hours of heaviness. We experience unison with people all over the world, staying at home, waiting with hope for the covid-19 pandemic to end.

The anxiety is eased by a sense of connection. We are more aware than ever of the people who are dear to us. How our collective actions are essential to their protection and health. We watch as people create safe harbour at home. And we send courage to all those who face these uncertain times for us at the forefront. Their bravery inspires us to wait with patience.

As a family, we have been seeking to settle and create moments at home that bind us together. There has been our first bonfire for the season, much cooking of comfort food from scratch, savouring all the chocolate, and evening candlelight ambiance.

While here in the Saddler & Co shop, the usual steady hum of friendly conversation and people visiting our store is replaced with a sense of isolation and empty shadows. Nevertheless, we embrace new ways of approaching daily tasks. How grateful we are that as a small family team, we don’t have to shut down completely.

Together we are adjusting our lives and adjusting to this new state of affairs with a deep commitment to serving our dear family, valued team, regional + online community.

We are here for you in this time. Hoping that somehow we can brighten your day - with time to linger over the beauty of a hand wrapped piece of craftsmanship.

We've just released SOLACE: our new collection of ARTISAN GIFT BOXES  curated just for you. We hope this will act as a virtual way for you to send a thoughtful care package to someone you love at home.

Our new release Collaboration features the work of our gorgeous friend Emily Burton, who owns Peggy & Twig. Em featured in one of our first artisan popup events a few years ago and its a delight to share her beautiful work in our limited edition Gift Boxes.
Based in the country between Trangie and Nevertire, Em is a teacher by day and a jewellery maker on weekends and nights - handcrafting a collection of timeless pearl earrings for women all around Australia.

Send a box of comfort, a gesture of love virtually. We will gather each item and wrap in a box to surprise the person of your choice — or simply to treat yourself at home.

We hope this tangible gift will bring an experience of SOLACE, of comfort to you and yours.

Offering enduring items of tangible experience means that our work is timeless - created for long term needs beyond this present moment.

We will continue to plan for the future with hopeful hearts while staying ever vigilant in the present crisis. Let’s remember to love one another well by our collective actions.

Bede & Jemima

Photo credit of Emily Burton for Peggy & Twig by CLANCY JOB.
Saddler & Co artisan photo image credit: ABBIE MELLE.