FEATURE ARTIST | Roxanne Cooley

Saddler & Co is pleased to present BOTANICA  | a new exhibition of original artworks by talented South Coast artist, Roxanne Cooley.

A collection of summer-inspired artworks, immersed in the beauty of the Australian landscape and its native florals.

To celebrate the official launch of BOTANICA this Friday evening, we will be opening the shop doors, lighting the candles, and pouring a glass of Gilbert Rosé to share with you.

WHERE | 1a Sterling Street, Dubbo
WHEN | Friday, November 18 from 5:30pm onwards
We'd love you to join us. You can also enjoy first chance to secure an artwork.
Collection will launch online for purchase at 7pm

ABOVE: 'Bush Posey' Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm framed in Victorian Ash.

Captivated by the rugged landscape and wide open spaces of Australia, the unruly silhouettes of native trees and the natural gatherings of flowers provides a lasting impression. The BOTANICA collection of original artworks by Roxanne Cooley are rich in layers, thoughtful strokes, capturing the essence of the landscape and a romantic connection to the Australian native flora.

Roxanne works intuitively with oils and a limited palette, building layers with a focus on light, texture, and impressions of the tiny details in nature which are so captivating.

We discovered more about Roxanne's artistic practice through a mini Q + A.

Jemima: How much of your practice is instinctive, and how much is taught? How did your style develop over the years within your creative process?

Roxanne: "Instinct & intuition largely drives my practice but I have definitely had to develop technique and skill along the way. In the beginning I didn't really know what I wanted to paint... so the process has involved experimentation across different subjects and a bit of soul searching. In the end I'm painting what I truly love."

The moments of real life are intertwined with work and artistry. Would you have some encouragement or advice to share with others on the creative process?

"This little journey for me has required a lot of patience and persistence, but working more consistently and on a smaller scale really helped me along."

Describe one of your favourite ways to instil a sense of awe into the everyday?

"Pausing to enjoy the beauty in the natural world, it is pure artistry. We live on the edge of the bush and everyday it instills me with awe and wonder, I could literally stare into it for hours!"

ABOVE: 'Country Road' Oil on canvas, 25 x 30 cm framed in Victorian Ash.

ABOVE: 'It's in the Air' Oil on canvas, 25 x 30 cm framed in Victorian Ash.
BELOW: 'Harvest' Oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm framed in Victorian Ash.

About the Artist

Roxanne Cooley is a self-taught landscape and still-life artist based on the beautiful Far South Coast of NSW. Stemming from years of living amid the natural beauty of regional Australia, including the Pilliga scrub and the Northern Territory, her creations seek to capture the essence of the landscape and a nostalgic connection to home.
In more recent years, since living near the coast, her work has reflected this incredible subject. Foraging coastal bush flowers for still life arrangements has become a favourite past time for Roxanne. The end goal is always to render these in a way that feels classic and timeless, joyful and of course, aesthetically beautiful. 

 Above: Roxanne in her studio. Image credit: Areli Bosson

"Roxanne's work paints an emotive and aesthetic impression of Australia that will adorn  your walls with a depth of inspiration and beauty."

- Jemima Aldridge, Director

IMAGERY: Natalie Salloum