A Summer's Eve | Finding Solace in Nature

The simplicity of a picnic on a stunning summer's evening. 
A picnic blanket in a field, laying out bread and wine. Let's begin the year, just where we are.

The simple act of sharing homemade food in the open air is always good for the soul. Slow down, listen, laugh and pause in the midst of the busy world to ease into the new year gently. 
This could be as simple as laying a blanket outside in the garden during the cool of the day. Find respite under a grand old tree, taking a break from the routine of work and feel your spirits revive. Or travel to a park or field, with basket, blanket, book and always, some good companions to laugh and linger with.

We carry along a bottle of local Rosé and sparkling water, and the leather goods that are most at ease for these casual moments. An unexpected reprieve with family and friends, alongside a basket of fine provisions, helps us catch our breath as the new year begins. Allowing moments to become memories.

Above: Our  Beautiful Leather Wine Bag in Caramel 

Above: Our Special Edition Toffee Saddle Bag | Below:  The Essential Bag in Caramel 

“Our pieces are natural companions.
Side by side, each product we make serves a purpose and holds it's own beauty. Together these form a collection, at once beautiful as much as they are practical.”

Above left: The Opinel Folding Knife | Above right: The Daily Clutch in Caramel 


- The Heirloom Picnic Blanket to gather around

- The Wine Bag to bear the imprint of memorable occasions

- The Opinel Pouch & Knife Set perfect for sharing a cheeseboard

- The Classic Clutch versatile luxury for daily use

- The Saddle Bag for over the shoulder wear, exploring and adventuring

- The Essential Bag for a minimalist, easy wear cross body bag

- Chocolate an absolute necessity 

Above + below: The stunning Essential Bag in Cocoa

Our story takes place locally, on a lovely property in the Western Plains. Talented photographer, Natalie Salloum, captures a summer's picnic with a collective of local friends enjoying good food and conversation together as the day wanes.


We share some of our favourite sources, to get you started planning your own Summer’s eve picnic. Elements of a picnic unfold. Wander into a field and lay out a blanket, bring some bread and wine. Feel the golden embrace of a lingering sunset.

DRINKS | We invariably choose a bottle of Gilbert Family Wines to take along when planning a simple picnic. Featured is the delicious Rosé, chilled and ready for our summer picnic. A refined non-alcoholic version is the NON range of premium sparkling bottles.  

FARE | We are lucky to have a few local purveyors of good food here in the western plains. Try the following places when planning to stock up:
    - Dripp Dubbo for a fine selection of artisan made cheese and antipasto selections, as seen here in the pictures. Choose your own, or ask Zac and the team to create a ready made box to take with you.
    - Drop by Press for takeaway. We are very partial to the iced filter coffee for summer picnics, and also highly recommend the macadamia and mango salad options on the summer menu.
    - Mick and Paul’s for local grown stone fruit and seasonal produce, perfect to add to the goodness of a lingering picnic.
    - The Daily Scoop for picking up some organic nuts and dried fruits to complement and snack upon.

Below: The Classic Clutch in Baltic

Below: The popular Heirloom Picnic Blanket with The Classic Clutch in Caramel

Laidback days, meandering through the Australian bush.
Never to be taken for granted again.
Venture into the local realms.  Seek country air.
The field grasses are waving in the glow.
We set up a table in the field grasses.
Wispy clouds sail against the wide blue expanse.
Lay out the picnic blanket.
We share fine food from a basket of provisions.
The sunlight dances through the gum leaves overhead.
Feel the way the breeze brings a cool reprieve at the end of the day.
We gaze upwards.  Breathe it in.
- Jemima Aldridge 

Beautiful PHOTO Imagery styled and captured by: Natalie Salloum with local friends modelling Saddler & Co: Kate Porter, Hannah Hodgkinson, Tori Rose, Lanny Beth Fahey.