Travel Notes | From the Plains to the Sea

Join Saddler & Co on a seasonal journey, as we poetise the hazy moments of seaside escapades.

Bede and Jemima explore the Australian coastline and the indomitable spirit of the ocean. A place of comings and goings.

We make our way to the rugged coastline, traversing plains and mountains on the way to the Sea. A place of hazy wildness, our seaside days are for reinvigorating the senses. Breathing in the salt air. Dreaming of the future, and horizons filled with possibility.

“With the promise of longevity imbued into every Saddler & Co piece, experience a sense of grounding and possibility as you select the right bag for your journey. There is peace of mind in the knowledge that each item has been made to withstand the rigours of life and travel."

Leather is made for days like these. The colours of nature, the indomitable spirit of the ocean, and the layers of rock provide a natural backdrop for our craftsmanship. The durable nature of raw materials is enhanced by the rugged environment we find ourselves in. Light and shadow reveal simple lines, curves, and structure to each Signature piece.

We ponder how to make good quality items that will easily carry us from the plains to the sea. Luxurious travel can easily turn into extravagance, and a sense of wastefulness can often undergird the decisions that travel inevitably brings. But here at Saddler & Co, we believe there are ways of intentional travelling. We begin with seeking the comfort of authentic craftsmanship, choosing to invest in making a range of heirloom travel bags that can withstand the passage of time.


-  The Classic Tote ready for a day's worth of exploration
The Weekender Travel Bag a luxury companion for the journey
The Saddle Bag across the body, this bag is beautifully practical
The Picnic Blanket for laidback moments, soaking in the sunshine
The Casual Belt perfect for casual wear and your favourite pair of jeans
The work of a maker is to consider form, function, and beauty. So we begin with the materials themselves, tracing out patterns on the leather to be molded into shape. Next comes consideration for the environment that our pieces will be used. Our leather can resist elemental changes, wind and sunlight, travel days and exploration. Caring for leather is part of the ongoing process of treating your bag with the respect and intention, for the long term.
Beauty is all around us. We are inspired by nature in its coastal form.
The rich pigments of rock and earth, layered over ancient time.
The sparkling depths of water, from inky blacks to shadowy blues.
Expansive yet restrained.


Turning back to our craft, we find a similarly mysterious depth of art. The grain and movement within leather is a constant source of inspiration and something we take into account with each new batch of goods.

An undercurrent at  Saddler and Co is the idea that it’s worth doing things well: a philosophy that guides us daily. We want to provide everyone with pieces of quality and excellence. The comfort of hand made goods, imperfectly beautiful, is that they have been touched by an artistic eye and finished by skilled hands.

There is an uncommon joy to be experienced in the imperfect beauty of handmade items. From the plains to the sea, we love to know Saddler & Co are being treasured and used well.

Photography: Abbie Melle
Location: Bundeena - Sydney, Australia
Models: Eric & Taylor Aldridge, Sophie & Josh Kruik
Words + Direction: Jemima Aldridge