Travel | An Afternoon in the Highlands

Explore with us. We take the Essential Bag with us on a wander down leafy strewn, autumn pathwaysAn afternoon in the Southern Highlands with sisters, Grace Tamme and photographer Abbie Melle.

Hazy, fire side days and misty mornings. Wrapped up in layers, we enjoy the brisk air and the dance of autumnal foliage floating to the ground like nature’s confetti. Heritage window panes reflect cozy reading nooks in the glowing warmth of a local cafe. The weather calls for steaming bowls of soup and crusty sourdough bread. We tuck away brown paper packages of buttery pastries to savour the next day and snip off some autumn foliage to place on the home table.

Location: Berrima, Southern Highlands
Not to be missed: Abbie's favourites for a day out.
General Store & Cafe   | coffee
Bendooley Estate | book browsing
Michael Reid | art gallery
Harper's Mansion | house & garden
Peppergreen Estate | luncheon
Eschalot | dining
Josh's Cafe | for dinner

“Like a wonderful exhale, autumn gives us time to prepare for the colder months, when we rather like to hibernate.”

Grace is wearing the new Essential Bag in a lustrous Cocoa leather. The Glasses case is a complimentary item for a day out. 

Fleeting as these moments are, yet it feels good to approach the change of seasons slowly. Like a wonderful exhale, autumn gives us time to prepare for the colder months, when we rather like to hibernate. 

Searching for treasures, pouring many a cup of tea, losing track of time. We fall in love with the atmosphere of autumn in the Southern Highlands. Warm hospitality and sharing connection with those we love marks these days as good for the soul.

Just as our imagination is captured by the stories found in heritage architecture, we are reminded that leather is a product made to endure the test of time. We design our styles with this in mind. Leather takes on a life of its own, carrying natural poise within Abbie’s story of travel and exploration.

The NEW release Essential Bag is made for days like these.

“Just as our imagination is captured by the stories found in heritage architecture, we are reminded that leather is a product made to endure the test of time. We design our styles with this in mind.”

The Essential Bag is designed to take you from day to evening. Wear this bag down the street, out for drinks, and gallery explores.

The glow of warm firelight reflects the luxury of real leather. A subtle pebble grain is illuminated and soft to the touch.

Easy to reach inside and discover a natural cotton lining with leather pocket made for phone or keys.

Abbie wears the Saddle Bag in Caramel as the afternoon in Berrima wanes into evening. 

"Framed in the shadowy depths of an old doorway, the fading light reveals the simplicity of timeless design."

The air is brisk. Layers are a must when wandering the Southern Highlands. Easily flung over a warm outfit of coat, boots, and woollens - The Essential Bag is a touch of effortless style anywhere. Hanging over our shoulder, or at ease gathered across body and held close.  


Photography by Abbie Mellefeaturing Grace Tamme.

Words by Jemima Aldridge for Saddler & Co.