Introducing ' Maman ' | a Seasonal Release

 Saddler & Co presents our Seasonal release:
A collection of sentimentality to share with your loved one on Mother's Day.

Beyond a picture, there is always much careful intent behind each design. We focus energy upon a consistent, small range of quality products. As an honest alternative to the effects of abundant consumerism — these are the pieces which solve the problem of choice overload and afford you a considerate reprieve.

We hope you enjoy this curated experience, where the selection has been lovingly prepared to pass on — all ready to gift and open with anticipation.


Our Mother's Day Collection is a celebration of objects that signify gratitude for the dear ones in our lives. Items to give and receive. Reminders of a person dear to us, of nurturing love, and memories that linger in the imagination.

" Live with our items for the long term. Share them with your loved ones. Experience the beauty of craftsmanship. "


The beauty of timeless design is encapsulated within each piece, such as the Saddle Bag in Caramel.
Curated by Jemima Aldridge, for Saddler & Co.
Photography by Nat Salloum | Dubbo NSW.
April 2022