FEATURE ARTIST | Monique Fedor

Saddler & Co is pleased to present our next Art exhibition for the year EVERGREEN. This is an exquisite collection of nature-inspired pieces by talented artist, Monique Fedor.

The EVERGREEN collection is one that celebrates the art of subtle floral, countryside idyll, and the comfort of home life.

WHEN | Thursday, May 11
The collection releases online for purchase at 7.00 pm
Click HERE at the time to view artworks.

Each piece is a signature style of Monique's. Using oils on canvas and primed wood, all paintings are framed in raw Tasmania Oak timber.

Exclusive and original Artworks by Monique Fedor.
We discovered more about Monique's artistic practice through a mini Q + A.

How much of your practice is instinctive, and how much is taught? How did your style develop over the years within your creative process?
Well, I began my painting practice around 4-5 years ago now. I started painting small artworks almost everyday, and by doing this I very slowly taught myself instinctively through many, many mistakes. I haven’t had any formal lessons before but feel this has helped me develop my own creative style and freedom to study painting the things I love most.

The moments of real life are intertwined with work and artistry. Would you have some encouragement or advice to share with others on the creative process?
Oh thank you, I love that. Everyday real life can hold so much beauty if you’re open to searching for it. I love noticing little shapes and shadows of very “simple” objects like pears or the folds in a cloth. Being able to translate those little moments through lustrous oil paint strokes is addictively fun! My encouragement for a creative process is trusting what makes you happy and not being embarrassed by whatever that looks like for you. I never really thought painting pears as a 30-year-old would bring me so much happiness but here I am!
Describe one of your favourite ways to instill a sense of awe into the everyday.
I think that feeling awe in your every day is such a mindful thing you have to be conscious of incorporating. We all have beauty in our lives in small or big ways. I guess it’s whether we’re able to let feelings of gratefulness in for those things that we can then truly appreciate them and find awe in our everyday. I personally am in awe over the first sip of my morning coffee! As a mum of young children who aren’t fond of sleep, it’s something I’m very grateful for.

" The artist’s strokes invite us to experience moments of immersive beauty and the countryside idyll. "

~ Jemima Aldridge, Curator director

About the Artist

Monique Fedor is a full-time mother, wife, and artist whose passion lies in creating art that captures the heart and soul. Her paintings are a reflection of her personal experiences and the things that have touched her deeply, from the smallest moments to the biggest events.
Monique's creative process is a deeply personal and cathartic experience. It's her outlet, and she pours her heart and soul into every piece she creates. Through her art, she aims to connect with others and create meaningful moments of connection and sharing.
For Monique, creating art is a dream come true. She believes that if she can bring someone to stop, slow down, and connect with their emotions through her art, then that's the ultimate magical experience. Her art is a reflection of her heart and soul, and she hopes that it can touch others in a profound way. 



CURATION by Jemima Aldridge
IMAGERY Jemima Aldridge and Abbie Melle
ARTIST Monique Fedor