Regional Popup Shop in Wellington NSW

Saddler & Co Popup shop in Wellington NSW

We are happy to present another regional leather and artisan Popup Shop situated in the country town of Wellington, NSW. We'd love you to join us for a road trip and visit us. We're also pleased to present the Maker's Workshop corner, where you can enjoy the experience of designing and stamping your own leather tag.

Visit us at our Popup Shop / click link to see map  36-38 Swift St, Wellington NSW. 
This Collection will be available from July 28 - August 18 2018.
Please note, we have limited opening hours as noted below:
Monday, Thursday, Friday 10am - 3pm + Saturdays 10am - 1pm.

Thanks to the lovely photographer Jenna Kensey, we can share some beautiful captures of the Popup shop with you. Enjoy a glimpse of the Wellington shop and we hope you can visit. Each popup shop is an experience which we hope will be a personal connection to our workmanship and love for community.

leather goods, artisan wares in the Saddler & Co popup shop

Our gathering of curated artisan makers complements each leather piece made in the workshop. Featured here is a custom Luxury fur Fedora hat in Rust made by milliner Fiona Schofield trimmed with a gorgeous leather band from the Saddler & Co workshop. 

Also styled on the popup shop table are elements from our Signature leather collection that are available to preorder on our online store: such as the Overnighter travel bag in Cocoa, the new leather Backpack in Caramel, and leather journal covers, wallets, leatherman pouches alongside a curation of artisan wares.   


On the table are collections of complementary leather goods for everyday living. Our leather hold all trays are a perfect accessory to store those miscellaneous items that tend to gather in our homes.

A simple collection allows a considered approach to purchasing. Each piece tells a story, whether of leather or millinery, hand spun cotton or candles made in the country - you can be sure that each item has been crafted with meaningful intention.

Beautiful curated wares, Kim Wallace ceramic take away cups at the Saddler & Co popup shop

The loveliest hand made ceramic keep cups by Kim Wallace showcase in our Popup shop - a little piece of art to enjoy over and over again, while savouring your cup of tea or coffee. 

The simple act of working with our hands often creates a sense that the world has slowed down for a moment. A chance to be personally connected to the process gives us space to make our own mark, and to dream of more.
When visiting the Makers corner of our regional Popup shop we welcome you to experience leather and make your own piece. 

Old glass vacola jars house beautiful rounds of leather lacing and tags in various shapes and colours, ready for you to choose a piece and turn a hand to stamping it personally at the Makers bench. 

Handcrafted Leather Bridle and Leather breastplate made in Australia by Saddler & Co

Wool and leather Picnic blankets in Wellington Popup shop, featuring Armadillo & Co rug

References to the saddler's trade reside in the classic combination of leather and wool that makes up our heirloom Picnic blankets.

Timeless handmade Leather clutches in classic colours

A stack of the most divine leather clutches showcase the colour range available for a limited time, with a range to complement your personal lifestyle. Handcrafted with simplicity in mind, to allow you the enjoyment of having your essential items on hand throughout the day to day journey.