Saddler & Co is pleased to present ADRIFT, our next artist release, featuring the work of Sydney-based painter Ingrid Kwong of Little Scapes.

This exclusive collection of original art works was inspired by the deep connection between land and sea. In it, Ingrid shares her experience of how it feels to live on the edge of the coast, in her much-loved fisherman’s shack in Mackerel Beach.

The 'ADRIFT' collection will release online for purchase July 10 at 8pm. Click here at the time to view artworks.

“Living on the coast by the water’s edge engages the sensesfeeling the sand between your toes, the breeze on your face, bathing in the cool water, listening to the waves and birds, exploring the rocks on the shoreline or foraging for sea treasures on the beach...

You find yourself falling into the rhythm of the tides and a sense of calm, clarity and healing takes over. A simple life by the sea is good for the soul, a time of reconnection with oneself.”

 – Ingrid Kwong, Little Scapes 

Ingrid is known for her ‘little’ seascapes painted on salvaged timber, often pieces carried to her by the wind and tides. In her work, she captures lasting memories that connect us with nature.

“I enjoy sitting in the landscape as I paint it ... on a rock beside the sea, under a tree in the bush, on the sand at the beach, holding a brush in my hand and mixing the colours on a palette with sea and rain water. I create these paintings to capture lasting memories and connect us with nature,” Ingrid reflects on her work. 

Painting on wood that has been weathered by the elements and aged by the sun’s rays, her work is a true reflection of her environment and her passion to protect it. Part of her process is foraging for the materials to find that individual piece.


Curator Notes

Personally, this year, I believe many of us have experienced a sense of unmooring. Swept up in the currents of change, adapting our direction, yearning to feel calm. This season can provide a place for experiencing new vistas, an invitation to accept the moment. While this process is not always plain sailing, we may learn how to help one another find points of anchor, to gently rest without sinking.

“This commissioned collection of Petite Artworks exquisitely represents the solace of nature and the sea, a gentle assurance of peace-leading to safe harbour."

It has been my honour to thoughtfully style the work of Ingrid within the Saddler & Co space, surrounded by my personal collection of shells and stones gathered on seaside travels.

Jemima Aldridge, cofounder Saddler & Co

Saddler & Co is delighted to be hosting this exclusive collection within our flagship store in Dubbo. You can come visit and view the ADRIFT exhibition of art pieces for the month of July 2022.

We trust you find inspiration and joy from the gentle beauty of Ingrid’s work.

Credits: Original artworks by Ingrid Kwong | Curated by Jemima Aldridge for Saddler & Co. | Photography by Natalie Salloum